The Land

Vision and goals

My vision for this land is that these ancient forests have a healthy future. That all the native species of plants and animals present and natural eco-communities are able to thrive and remain viable for future generations.

To have a place where the people who visit and live upon this sacred land can further their awareness and deepen their understanding of what is around them and in doing this foster an attitude of respect and responsibility to the complex ecosystems of which we are a part. To help support the many threatened species present and help protect this rich unique seed source so that someday this will aid in the expansion of sensitive and important native species into surrounding landscapes.

That every human action on this land be considerate and accountable to the future generations of this rare and threatened landscape. That the earth, water and air be kept clean of pollutants and invasive non-native species. That the land is managed as a pristine and healthy home to all that live here in natural balance, always considering those yet to come, both humans and the many species that rely upon this place.

(Rosemary Yates 2015).


Natural Heritage Values

Motherland shares some of the Natural Heritage Values of the adjoining World Heritage declared Mt Hyland Nature Reserve. The property has some of highest occurrences of subtropical rainforest in NSW and is a biodiversity hotspot being home to 28 threatened fauna species and 7 threatened plants.


Fauna and Flora

The property contains a diversity of native vegetation communities. The broad vegetation communities occurring on the property are rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest.  The Conservation Area contains a large diversity of native species and structure, and abundant large trees with hollows providing good habitat for hollow-dependent fauna including the Greater glider.

Numerous species of animals have been observed on the property and many more are likely to be present. Motherland is frequently visited by many expert ecologists who have helped to expand understanding and knowledge of this this land.

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Contribution to the National Reserve System

Through Nature Conservation Trust, Motherland is now a part of the National Reserve System, this is Australia’s network of protected areas, conserving examples of our natural landscapes and native plants and animals for future generations. It is made up of private conservation reserves, government and Indigenous Protected Areas.

The Motherland Conservation Area contributes to the National Reserve System by:
a) Supporting vegetation communities, such as Highland subtropical rainforest, that is under-represented in the public reserve system; and
b) Supporting Gondwanan rainforest communities that have World Heritage significance;
c) Supporting habitat with old growth forest and tree hollows for threatened species and also being sufficiently large to be self-sustaining and well connected to consolidate other protected areas.